At the end of 1975 some jubilant youths of Jessore formed Jagorani Chakra Foundation (JCF) to develop the situation of poor communities.  They also identified that the problem is more social and political than economical. JCF started its journey with adult literacy program and developed its own adult literacy curriculum which was a unique example at that time.

In 1976, JCF implemented its first development intervention and started non-formal education centre for the children and in 1977 got the registration from Directorate of Social Welfare. JCF still believes education is the key to all development and it is the first priority in taking any new intervention. In 1981, a new horizon opened before JCF when it started working with the untouchable community, the sweeper community. The success of this intervention gave JCF courage to go with community development approach and later JCF successfully implemented a number of community development projects whose beneficiaries are now running their own people’s institution by themselves. 

Governing Body

JCF has a 7 members’ Executive Committee and 23 members’ General Committee. The honourable members are mostly social worker, retired govt. officials, businessman, teacher, lawyer, cultural activist and non-political person. Actually people from different sectors are involved with the organisation and they all have the expertise in social work and are representing their own community as a whole. The Executive Director of the organization is appointed by the Executive Committee. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization.

Structure & Decision-making Process

The Executive Director is leading the organization with a team of seven Directors and three Deputy Directors. They are the top most authority in taking policy and strategic decisions for all projects. The Directors and Deputy Directors as Focal Person of their assigned projects guide the specific project team according to the proposal and requirement by the donor. The project team implements the project in the specific working area(s). This team is lead by the Project Chief who is responsible for day to day implementation of the project activities. He/she is also responsible to share the progress with the Focal Person through different means. The Project Chiefs raise the issues and place it to Focal Persons, then he includes that as agenda in Directors’ Coordination Meeting and after discussion the decision is taken by the Directors’ Committee. This decision is implemented by the project chiefs accordingly. These are mostly the programmatic issues. In case of policy level issues, Project Chief or Focal Persons places the issue to the highest decision making committee and after discussion this issues goes to the executive body as agenda. Then the executive body give their decision on the certain issue. In some cases executive body refers to the general committee for final decision.