Child Nutrition Improvement Project in Salt Affected Area in Bangladesh (NIPSAA)

UP to March 2018

Donor: Alliance Forum Foundation (AFF)

Duration: April 2016 – March 2019

Focal person: Hasan Aref, Director- Program

Tel: +880-421-68823


JCF staff and Community Nutrition Volunteers (CNVs), cooperating with local government, can develop viable recipe at families in the community and provide local mothers with cooking practice guidance.

Major Component/Activities

1. Selection of Nutrition Volunteer selection and training.

2. Key Food survey of locally available foods.

3. Establishment of community Nutrition Center at Local Level

4. Selection of under 5 year children.

5. Physical Growth Measurement of targeted children.

6. Cooking demonstration for keeping nutrition level balanced.

Operational Area

District: 01 (Bagerhat)

Upazila: 01 (Bagerhat Sadar)

Word no. 4, 6 & 8 of Bagerhat Municipality

Union: Shatgombuj, Karapara, Baroipara & Jattrapur.

Other Information

No. of Employees: 02 (male)

Beneficiaries: 3,000 Children under age 5 years old (boys: 1650; girls: 1350)

Indirect Beneficiaries: 6,000 family members of the children above (male: 3300; female: 2700)

Total Beneficiaries: 9,000 people (male: 4,950; female: 4,050)