Cultural and Sports Programme

UP to June 2018

Donor: Pallikarma Shahayak Foundation (PKSF)

Duration: January- 2016 - On going

Focal person: Kazi Mazed Nawaz, Director- Program

Tel: +880-421-68823


1.Contribute in forming a Sports and Cultural Minded nation.

Major Component/Activities

1. Selecting different types of sports and cultural events in context of area and season consideration.

2. Involve and inspire local cultural and sports minded people and organizations.

3. Assist and organize different cultural and sports events.

Operational Area

District: 03 (Jessore, Magura & Bagherhat)

Other Information

No. of Employees: 01

No. of Beneficiaries: No specific beneficiaries.

Events took place in last quarter

  1. Workshops on correct pronunciation, recitation and debate
  2. Spring Festival and Pitta Festival
  3. Wall Magazine Festivals and Contest
  4. School based sports competitions
  5. Cultural competition at upazila level
  6. Pitta Festival and ReputationInter Soccer Football Tournamentupazila levelü  Pitta Festival and Reputation
  7. Inter Soccer Football Tournament