JCF since its inception in 1975 is being involved with education and started with Adult Literacy Programme with own fund and from then apart from own fund has implemented a number of education projects with the assistance from donors like-Asia Partnership for Human Development (APHD), CARITAS, Zero Population Growth(ZPG), OXFAM, VERC, MISEREOR, ADAB, DIAKONIA, METSLO, GoB, ILO, EDM, Dhaka Ahsania Mission, Australian High Commission, NORAD, Tdh-France, SKIP, UNICEF, Tdh-Italy, SC-USA, SC-UK, EC, USAID, NETZ-Germany and PWRDF-Canada. A total of more than 350,000 students of pre-primary, non-formal education and adult literacy projects have been graduated so far. JCF has published 17 education materials of which books for illiterate male and female are prominent and others materials are for booklets of continuing education and books for teachers. The Special President’s Award of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 1994 for Developing Valuable Co-curricular Subjects and Awareness based Materials for Adult Education was presented to JCF.

Present Coverage

  • JCF operated & supported school & learning centre: 955
  • Total Student: 69,042 (Boys-34,521 & Girls-34,521)
  • Working area: 9 Districts, 21 Sub-districts, 152 UPs & 5 Municipality and City Corporation Wards
  • Total Projects: 12
  • Major areas of support: ECD, formal primary education, NFPE, SSC & HSC board fee, one time stipend for HSC and Higher Education admission, Scholarship for higher studies