Elimination of Extreme Poverty and Food Insecurity through Community Empowerment (EEPFICE)

UP to June 2018

Donor: Own Fund

Duration: March 2013 – December 2016+2 years reporting period.

Focal person: Kazi Mazed Nawaz, Director- Program

Tel: +880-421-68823


Eliminate extreme poverty and food insecurity through community empowerment.

1. By the end of the project period 100% of the project participating families have moved above the poverty line of US$2 a day and 85% have sustainable livelihoods.

2. By the end of the project period, project participants have improved their nutrition situation, health and sanitation condition and having safe drinking water.

3. By the end of project, participating families and groups have adopted environment friendly practices.

4. By the end of the project period 100% project families are organized into farmer organizations with increased solidarity and harmony.

Major Component/Activities

1. Support different economic activities of project participants by micro credit fund of the organization.

2. Conduct trainings on Improved Animal Management, Improved Natural Agriculture Practices, Nutrition and sanitation, SHG management, training on human nutrition, forage and fodder plantation gender justice training, disaster preparedness and climate change.

3. Build collaboration with sub district, Union and Community clinic level health and nutrition workers and programs

4. Provide productive assets for income generation like, chickens, seeds, different tree saplings and fodder plants for cultivation.

Operational Area

District: 01 (Natore), Upazila: 01 (Baraigram), Union: 02 (Joari & Majgaon), Village: 03

Other Information

No. of Employees: 03 (male: 01, female: 02)

No. of Beneficiaries: 462 (female), No. of Indirect Beneficiaries: 1,940

Savings: 2,582,459 Savers: 462 (Female)