Health Interventions

Presently implementing 02 projects in 30 districts, 98 Sub-districts & 780 UPs with approx. 7,000 beneficiaries and it is also a cross cutting issue in all JCF development interventions. The present activities are: Group wise health awareness program, arrange health camps and free medicine distribution, nutritional education sessions at group level, immunization, homestead and school gardening, regular communication with local hospitals for referral services, arrange operation for the poor women at free of cost (Uterus Infection, Tumor, Child Delivery Complication, Piles, Fistula, Cataract and other diseases), physiotherapy for the disabled children, Diabetics- weight- Blood Pressure checkups by Para-medics and community health volunteers, identification of complicated patients, capacitate community people to act as health volunteer, selection of Nutrition Volunteer selection and training, Key Food survey of locally available foods, establishment of community Nutrition Center at Local Level, selection of under 5 year children, physical growth measurement of targeted children and cooking demonstration for keeping nutrition level balanced. In the past JCF implemented activities like: promoting community health providers by providing para-medic training to potential community young women, free health check up and medicine distribution, primary health and nutrition session at community level, community nutrition volunteer promotion and nutritious food supplement distribution among malnourished pregnant women and new born babies, immunization campaign, family planning, HV/AIDS awareness, provide training to adolescents on reproductive health etc.