Human Rights and Social Justice

Presently implementing 03 projects in 2 districts, 7 Sub-districts and 14 UPs and one municipality ward with 2,083 beneficiaries. In the past JCF implemented activities such as- identification of acid victim, referral for treatment and legal support, linkage with district authority, capacity development of different professionals and community people for reducing cross-border trafficking, establishment of model of Human Rights Defender System (HRDS) and strengthening local Anti Trafficking Units, facilitation in forming community based child protection committee, arranging mass awareness events, school campaign, networking with likeminded NGOs and government agencies, capacity building of local govt, central govt. and civil society to promote accountability to children for violation of their rights, including right to protection and reducing violence, exploitation and abuse of children and mitigating effects of these when these violations happen, establish referral system/linkage between main service providers, advocacy with Government to adopt community child protection committees or similar mechanism as key element of child protection policy, orientation training on special family law and criminal law, Gender sensitization training, Community Leaders review meeting, Basic Human Rights and women Rights Training, Community & school based sensitization workshop, Awareness Training on Adolescent Health, Video show at community level, Watch Group formation and meeting, Sensitization training on impact of Eve-teasing for community people, Complain box installation, Community Paralegal Advisers’ Training,Meetings with lawyers’ panels and Legal Support for victims.

The major activities performed under this sector at present are:

  • Provide shelter support for sex workers’ children and child sex workers
  • Provide skill development training to the disadvantaged children
  • Advocacy and Networking
  • Awareness campaign on disability
  • Provide physiotherapy support to the disabled children
  • Awareness on elderly people’s rights
  • Establish community centre for the elderly people, provide financial assistance for them and ensure health support.