JCF organised Triathlon for the first time outside Dhaka City

The day when Jessore district was made free from the stranglehold of occupied Pakistan Army at the time of our Liberation War in 1971 is 6th December and it was the first district to got the success at that time. The citizens of Jessore experienced a different calibration this year to commemorate this auspicious day. On 5th December 2017 Jagorani Chakra Foundation organised a sports event Triathlon for the first time outside Dhaka with the support from PKSF and involve the name of Jessore with many first events in the history of Bangladesh. Triathlon is a combined event of three different sports; a total of 19 athletes (male-11 and female-8) participated in the event, 800 meter swimming followed by 20 km cycling and 5 km sprint. The Deputy Managing Director (Programme) of PKSF Mr. Md. Fazlul Kader, Senior Editorial Advisor Prof. Shofi Ahmed of PKSF, The Executive Director of JCF Mr. Md. Azadul Kabir Arzoo and the Executive Director of RRF and honb’le Executive member of JCF Mr. Philip Biswas was present at the event from the very beginning and at the end distributed prizes among the winners. The top 5 winners both from male and female category were awarded for the heroic deeds. Mr. Rofiqul Islam Apon, a student from Govt. M M College Jessore came first in the male category (total time 1 h 27m & 18.92sec) and Ms. Suraya Akther Mou, a student from National School Jessore came first in the female category (total time 1 h 38m & 32.77sec).