Bangladesh has made significant progress in MDGs achievement. It has already met several targets of the MDGs like reducing headcount poverty and poverty gap ratio, reducing the prevalence of underweight children, attaining gender parity at primary and secondary education, under-five mortality rate reduction, containing HIV infection with access to antiretroviral drugs, cure rate of TB under DOTS and others. In addition, Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in increasing enrolment at primary schools, lowering the infant mortality rate and maternal mortality ratio, improving immunization coverage and reducing the incidence of communicable diseases. On the other hand, areas in need of greater attention are hunger-poverty reduction and employment generation, increases in primary school completion and adult literacy rates, ensuring quality education at all levels, creation of decent wage employment for women, increase in the presence of skilled health professionals at delivery, increase in proper and comprehensive knowledge on HIV/AIDS, increase in

forest coverage, and coverage of Information and Communication Technology. Jagorani Chakra Foundation as a part of that progress is also feeling the same and it is our first challenge now to keep the current pace of development in future. The imminent Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will hopefully focusing on those. In last year JCF emphasized on developing its own managerial capacity to cope with the ever changing development track and is reviewing and upgrading different policies and structure. The USAID funded AVC project is assisting us in this process and CBSG is providing us the necessary capacity development support to our staff.

In spite of the political turmoil and changing donors' funding policy, JCF was instrumental to stand still and keeps the promise it has made to the targeted community people. A number of new development projects are undertaken among which some are new and some are continuation of previous phase. The main program Microfinance has been able to make more profit by overcoming so many constrains. JCF is now planning to engage in more social businesses to reduce donor dependency and as a part of all these JCF is working to prepare its new strategic plan for next five years.

On behalf of Jagorani Chakra Foundation and its programme participants, we express our sincere gratitude to the Development Partners and the Government of Bangladesh for their continued solidarity, support and cooperation in promoting the well-being of the poor.

I am also expressing my gratefulness for our honorable General and Executive members to be always there when we need them.