HID, capacity building and Sustainability
  • To reach a greater number of people whose poverty and vulnerability can be reduced through community based institutions.
  • To ensure basic quality education for children in poor & disadvantaged communities.
  • To help disadvantaged & vulnerable children develop, through education, training and guidance in life skills, so that they become part of a skilled workforce and responsible members of society.
  • To develop the technical capacity of community people to improve their livelihood.
  • To develop systems for generating and mobilising local resources to raise the income of the poor.
  • To increase the use of environmentally friendly inputs and equipment in agriculture to control and reduce environmental pollution.
  • To facilitate a way for people and their institutions to take responsibility for community health and ensure access to existing public health services.
  • To develop the capacity to respond to the community people during any natural disaster.
Human Rights and Social Justice
  • To reduce discrimination by influencing the formulation and implementation of legal procedures.
  • To build the capacity for establishing the basic human rights of rural and urban communities.
  •  To work jointly with peoples’ institutions and disadvantaged people to advocate human rights and issues of local concerns.
Organization Sustainability
  • To develop Jagorani Chakra Foundation as an organisation that learns from assessment, innovation and
  • To ensure the effectiveness of organisational management.
  • To plan and implement strategies for maintaining the financial sustainability of the Organisation.