READ- Reading Enhancement for Advancing Development

UP to June 2018

Donor: Save the Children/ USAID

Duration: October 2013 – September 2018

Focal person: Marina Akther, Director- Program

Tel: +880-421-68823


1. All primary school students in Bangladesh attain expected learning outcomes and competencies;

2. Increased reading competences among grade 1-3 students in READ- supported schools in the selected districts of READ

Major Component/Activities

1. Improved ability of teachers to teach early grades reading

2. Reading instruction skills strengthened (INSET)

3. Increased instructional supervision

4. Teachers’ capacity to use ICT resources

5. Classroom Diagnostic Assessment Tool developed

6. Assessment results used to track reading performance progress

7. Standards developed to improve the quality children’s reading materials

8. Access to ample & appropriately-leveled reading materials

9. Digital reading materials development

Operational Area

District: 03 (Jashore, Magura & Jhenaidah)

Upazila: 07 (Monirampur, Jhikorgacha, Magura Sadar, Mohammadpur, Kaliganj, Kotchandpur & Harinakundu), Union: 49, Village: 296

Total School: 284, Student: 36,610

Other Information

No. Employees: 76 (male:43, female: 33)

No. of Beneficiaries: 36,610 (male: 18,502, female: 18,108)

No. of Indirect Beneficiaries: 153,762