School Feeding Program for Poverty Prone Areas (SFP)

UP to June 2018

Donor: Directorate of Primary Education of GoB and WFP

Duration: May 2015 – June 2018

Focal person: Salim Chowdhury, Director- Program

Tel: +880-421-68823


To contribute to the implementation of the GoB’s education policy of universalizing primary education notably by improving access of school aged children from poor and ultra-poor households to basic education in respect of both quantity and quality.

1. Increased enrolment attendance of pre and primary school in the food insecure areas.

2. Improved Learning ability of the primary school children through deduction of micro nutrient deficiencies.

3. Enhanced GoB capacity to implement school feeding program efficiently and effectively.

Major Component/Activities

1. High Energy Biscuits (HEB) delivery among the children

2. Building awareness on De-worming

3. Awareness campaign effect of climate change and HIV/AIDS

4. School vegetable gardening.

Operational Area

District: 01 (Faridpur)

Upazila: 01 (Char Bhadrasan)

Union: 04 (Char Bhadrasan, Gazirtek, Char Jhaukanda & Char Harirampur) Village: 78

School: 53

Other Information

No. of Employees: 07 (male)

No. of Beneficiaries: 8,825 (Boys: 4,349; Girls 4,476)

No. of Indirect Beneficiaries: 37,065