Strengthening of Marginalized Tenant Farmers to Overcome Structural Poverty in Areas with High Rates of Malnutrition (SOMMAN)

UP to June 2018

Donor: NETZ Bangladesh & BMZ

Duration: May 2015- April 2018

Focal person: Kazi Mazed Nawaz, Director- Program

Tel: +880-421-68823


To contribute to food and nutrition of the poorest 20% of the population in severely food insecure and hard to reach areas in Bangladesh with a high rate of indigenous people

Major Component/Activities

1. Provide skill training for ultra-poor Households on sustainable integrated farming systems and technologies.

2. Facilitate continued productive investments for income generation.

3. Provide systematic counseling and demonstration on sustainable integrated farming and its management.

4. Conduct market studies and market chain of 5 potential product of ultra-poor

5. Established and strengthen 151 village level groups and at latest 1 federation at each UP/GP level as self -help institutions.

6. Facilitate federation to organize their activities (meetings, campaigns, cultural events etc) at UP/GP and sub-district level.

7. Systemize locally adapted sustainable agricultural technologies/methods including local knowledge and publish handbooks feasible for disadvantaged groups

Operational Area

District: 01 (Rangpur) Upazila: 03 (Pirgachha, Kaunia & Gangachara) Union: 12, Village: 88

Other Information

No. of Employees: 26 (male: 15, female: 11)

No. of Beneficiaries: 2,502 (female)

No. of Indirect Beneficiaries: 10,508

Savings: 1,828,335; Savers: 1,765