Working Environment and Benefit

JCF always tries to keep the promise of ensuring safe, healthy and risk free work place for all its employees. At the same time it is strongly prohibited for the staff to use drugs or take alcohol in office and the use of unsafe office tools and equipments is forbidden for them. It has updated service policy, gender policy, child protection policy, pay scale and TA/DA policy which comply with the present market condition, inflation and benefit of other NGOs and private organisations. The latest service rule is updated on January 2017 and new pay scale is given in July 2016. The head office of JCF is under the 24 hours surveillance of CC camera and all staff and visitors need to use punch card to enter into the main office premises. The building also has the fire fighting systems and an assigned security officer to look after the safety and security concern of JCF head office. Apart from the head office of JCF all of its project and branch offices have their own security staff to ensure work place safety.

All permanent staff of JCF are entitled for one festival bonus, incentive, CPF and Gratuity facility but except some projects majority project staff don’t have gratuity and incentive facility. At the end of every year after successfully performing the annual assessment every staff get increment as per service rule. In recruiting new staff for more than one year project 6 months probation time is granted and after that if that staff can’t perform accordingly additional 3 months’ time is given for this purpose. In case of less than one year project the probation period will be 3 months. The organisation also has staff development plan and as a part of that skill development training is provided by the training cell or arrange training from outside. There is a Death and Accident Benefits (DAB) Fund formed by the monthly fees given by all staff of JCF for mitigating health benefit of the staff and if any staff member become sick or become victim of any fatal accident then his/her treatment fees is borne in some extent from this fund. And if any staff member dies then the nominee(s) will receive the invested fund with interest. In addition to this fund there is another fund called Health Assistance Fund (HAF) from where any staff member can get the treatment cost if fall in sudden accident. The permanent staff of JCF are also eligible to get loan for purchasing motorcycle and bicycle.