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Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security & Linkages (SaFaL)
Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security & Linkages (SaFaL)
Health Support Project
To aware MFP’s women beneficiaries about reproductive health knowledge, ensure such services for them from govt. and non-govt. service centres, reduce the rate of malnutrition, decrease the outbreak of communicable diseases and increase reproductive health related services.

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People’s Organisation

JCF believes in holistic community development and the journey began in 1981, when it started working in the Sweeper Colony of Jessore town with the own fund. The community was treated as untouchable and was totally deprived………

Poor Women are getting free health support

Jagorani Chakra Foundation (JCF) in its every intervention put priority on the interest of the beneficiaries and their family members. The Health Support Project is no exception of this. The objectives of this project is to ……….

Children born in brothel have the scope of mainstreaming

JCF is operating a shelter home in Jessore since 2002 for the children born in brothel and ensuring residential facilities in order to develop them through arranging education, home environment, capacity building training……….

Higher Education & Scholarship

JCF staff had taken a unique initiative few years back to contribute from their monthly salary and generate an education fund which is named after Professor Sharif Hossain, who was a renowned educationist and……….

Promoting Second Chance in Education

Ability Based Accelerated Learning is a form of curriculum design, teaching strategies and evaluation method that focuses on creating opportunities and experiences for students to assist them with identifying their own……….

Microfinance Plus

JCF always tries to provide some necessary services to the beneficiaries even though that is not the part of original design. In microfinance the tendency of all staff is to focus on recovery and disbursement but JCF thinks……….


Sustainable Livelihood

Presently implementing 12 projects in 12 Districts, 53 Sub-districts and 336 UPs with 160,987 beneficiaries and of them more than 80% are women. JCF has been successful to promote 54 CBOs (545 groups with more than 20,000 women members) organized into a Federation Titled……….


JCF since its inception in 1975 is being involved with education and started with Adult Literacy Programme with own fund and from then apart from own fund has implemented a number of education projects with the assistance from donors like-Asia Partnership for Human Development……….

Environmental Sustainability

Presently implementing 02 projects in 22 districts, 82 Sub-districts & 397 UPs with 330,775 beneficiaries and it is also a cross cutting issue in all JCF development interventions.  In the past JCF implemented activities like- provide……….


Presently implementing the program in 30 districts, 137 Sub-districts, 47 Municipalities and 861 UPs with 492,603 members. The products are: Rural Micro Credit (RMC), Urban Micro Credit (UMC), Ultra Poor, Agriculture Loan……….

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